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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Locked out of my car

It is not a new thing to hear that a colleague of yours is locked outside his car. Not just colleagues, even we have ourselves faced such situations in the past when we were locked outside and the backup set of keys was miles away. This situation is not only distressing but could have adverse social impacts. In some situations it could be outright dangerous. Although it is an old practice that the companies provide a duplicate set of keys but since 1995 it is required by law in the UK for all auto manufacturing companies to fit an immobilizer system in the cars. This immobilizer system kicks in when a wrong or broken key is tried. In such a scenario the engine does not start rendering the car immobile. This was done with an intention of effectively dealing with car thefts.

These days car keys are fitted with a transponder device which are essentially chips that communicate  with the car's internal computer. The car's computer expects an embedded code from this chip which is empowered to respond back with the code whenever there is a signal radioed to it by car's computer whenever the key is inserted for ignition. If the code radioed back by the transponder chip does not match with the internal code of the car, the engine fails to start. Some car manufacturing companies such as Ford embed these chips inside the plastic head of the ignition keys.

In such a situation when the owner is locked out of the car, the duplicate key might be the only solution. Availability of the duplicate set is another issue. Not all the owners carefully preserve their duplicate sets in places they remember. In such a situation, opening a car even when parked in the house garage could be a challenge. Reliable auto locksmiths could be the only saviours then. The skill sets of well qualified locksmiths include key duplication, transponder keys cloning and replacement, ignition key extraction along with lock repairing in addition to others.

Generally the well known auto locksmith service providers are open everyday all through the year backed by their service locations spread throughout the country. People seeking to record the names and information of reliable locksmiths in the UK could refer the list of Auto Locksmith Association members. It is a non profit making organization that requires all its members to be practicing locksmiths for two years. It also require all those wanting to join to pass an examination and provide references. Regular meetings and trainings are held for the members of the association and it could serve as a great starting point to search for a reliable locksmith.

Need an emergency Locksmith

Locks are ubiquitous these days and they are as much a part of our lives as our dear belongings. Be it our houses, safes, cars, laptops, mobile phones - each of them employ locking mechanism in some or the other form. Locks are not new to humans. Oldest known locking device was used by Egyptians almost four thousand years ago. These days the locks range from the very old and traditional key based locks to very sophisticated speech recognition and biometric based systems that require finger printing and iris scanning. All in all locks are the most effective way of safeguarding your assets. But locks come with their own set of problems. Biggest problem being keys related faults. More often then not, the locks are rendered useless because of their keys getting broken or lost. In such a situation the only option is to either throw away the lock or call a locksmith. Locksmith is someone who generally creates duplicate keys or resolves key related issues. The locksmiths might have to create keys by copying already existing ones or figuring out the internal architecture of the lock itself. Sometimes it happens that the keys are broken inside the locks and the locksmith need to extract the key as well.

Whenever such a need arises, it becomes imperative that you are in the know of some reliable and skilled locksmith. An intelligent and efficient locksmith could save you the day. Locksmithing is not just an art but it a complex science as well. Some countries in the world such as Australia have educational degrees designed around locksmithing. In the UK, locksmithing is also a recognized profession and there are a few professional companies that provide locksmithing service round the clock all throughout the year. Locksmithing could be a tricky business as well, thus it is important that the locksmith that you employ belong to a reputed and credible company. There are different associations in the UK such as Master Locksmiths' Association and  Auto Locksmith Association that hold entrance examinations for professional locksmiths and require locksmiths provide references and possess prior experience for joining them. Different locksmithing companies also require their employees to go through Criminal Records Bureau screening to enhance their credibility.

Before you employ a locksmithing company, make sure you have got a reference and checked their expertise and the list of recent jobs that they have completed. It is important that the person working with your locks is a trustworthy professional who you would not hesitate to call for a repeat job again.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Tara is Terrific

Thanks for the post from Irving Ayala

The show I am most eagerly anticipating this season is the United States of Tara. While the subject of the show - dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder - has been tackled in the past, never before has it been such a thorough investigation of the far reaching effects of this unique mental condition. Honestly, I think this exploration of the disorder is why The United States of Tara is my favorite show. In addition, the raw circumstances and emotion that are played out on the screen are unlike anything else that could be seen on regular cable television.

What I also like about the United States of Tara is ho! w the characters on the show are all flawed individuals with very human characteristics. At the same time, there is a physical draw to the characters that bring about a feeling of familiarity - you can really identify with their feelings, if not the exact circumstances they find themselves enduring. As a result, you understand - if not always agree - with their actions. Rarely do you see that kind of genuine portrayal written for an audience. In the end, the United States of Tara is pretty much the sole reason I purchased the premium package for my Directv, and now I have found so many other shows to enjoy as well.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How To Pick A Mutual Fund

Given the range available it could be a challenge to pick a Mutual Fund to invest in. Not just for a novice but even for experienced investors, it is not an easy decision putting money into Mutual Funds. Although to a layman who do not understand stocks as much or who do not want to get into the risk mode that is generally associated with dealing in stocks, Picking a Mutual Funds could be an easy way out. Mutual Funds is something like making someone else deal in stocks and make profit for you. But of course not every fund manager is worth his or her salt.

Therefore it is very important that you do an initial research before picking any Mutual Fund. One of the most important exercises before actually buying a Mutual Fund is to realize what kind of return you are expecting in what kind of time frame. Once you have decided about your minimum expectations, you can start looking at the fund directories. Funds are generally of two types - open ended and close ended Funds. Open ended funds are those where investors can buy units at any time after the Fund has been launched. Close ended funds are those which can not issue any units after their launch except for in the form of bonuses. Also, investors can chose growth or dividend options in the Mutual fund they buy. In case of growth whenever a dividend is declared by the Fund, it invested back in the form of units of equivalent value whereas in case of dividend, the amount is paid out to the investor.

Mutual Funds are generally star rated by many reputed agencies. The ratings are generally done on funds' past performances. An investor should keep track of the entry and exit load for any fund. This can vary from say 0.25 percent to up to 2.5 percent of the capital value invested in the fund. Another general parameter that can be applied to a mutual fund is their fifty two week low price. It is generally advisable to buy funds near their lower values. Other than that it is important to see what kind of stocks have a fund invested in, what is their philosophy and how have been their growth rate and past performance.

Although not as much attention is warranted by Mutual Funds as is by stocks but it is nonetheless imperative that you are aware of the performance of the Funds that you have invested in.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


this blog helped me make some cool dollars. i am thinking of updating it regularly from now on.

it is just that i am tied up a little bit. will start soon.


Friday, November 16, 2007

start compiling your wishlist people

there are three things that are on the top of my wish list this festive discount season.

and it seems that they are so essential that i can almost not wait for sale to be on. the three things, first of all, are one, a very sleek and powerful mobile phone, a hair trimmer - i have even looked at and liked one of the remington models and a wireless router - i have not really researched on this one. i should go it fast and make up my mind before the season arrives.

anyways for those are more impatient then i am, coupanchief is the savior - once again. they have popularly been giving online shopping coupons which you probably can not find at a lot of other places.

these people have got all kind of stuff on virtual sale. i was able to find all the three items on my wish-list at one or the other or related places. but my all time favorite still remains the dell coupons. though the home store online shopping coupons are also good. but probably my girl friend would buy more stuff from there than me.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Looking for light under a shade

It has been centuries since we humans have been running running after one thing or the another. One of all these things that have been our top priority is light. Be it philosophical, spritual or the light coming from a electric bulb - light is something that we have looked at to show us the way, to being joy in the mundane world that is today.

And one of the cutest form in which light is delivered to us these days is lamp. Lamp has been an invention and it has been an artistic invention. Now a days we have lamps because we love them. They give us company and they fill the void that looms about. They have become our companions. So are you looking for a desk lamp, a companion to sit on your reading table?

If you are looking for one but are not sure where to look on this big bad internet world then you might like to try farreys. They have a great range of, other than other hardware products, lamps and lamp shades. So bring home the light.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Software for your online business

I have written about this software earlier as well. But I guess I need to write about it again. It is a shopping cart software and why is it a paid software when there are lots of other such free software in the market is that it is good. There are qualities that you really can not ignore. One such is the support that is provided. The problem with any unpaid, freeware software is that when you are stuck, you are really stuck. And if you are looking for a shopping cart, it means that you probably are getting in to some online business and I am pretty sure that like any sane businessman you would not want to give your customers a down time.

Thus it becomes imperative that you choose a software that is not just good support but gives you an overall value for money. To be successful in the field of ecommerce software, it is very important to understand that until and unless you understand technology and its limitations you would not be able to appreciate its quality.

So if it all makes sense to you then you can check out the Ashop Commerce hosted shopping cart software, a quality product that might become one of your favorite buys ever.


Mobile phones are a charm these days

Now what is the most important thing that you could find on my this blog. If your answer is a mobile phone and related information that please treat yourself to the most luxurious spa session that you have always dreamed about and send the check to my email address. See, how much I love you? I am glad that you do.

So well taking about cellular phones, there are many sites where you can find mobile phone. One another such site is this. There are a lots of models and some are good deals too, I mean you have to just keep your eyes open and try to build a knack for comparison. Write sown top three priorities of yours on a notepad and then tick all those model in the price range that meet your requirements. Do it in three stages like they do in a beauty pageant. Choose a dozen models at the onset and then in three stages choose the one you like the best.

This way you will know the qualities of the model that you are buying and would understand why you are not buying the ones you are not.

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